Help needed with CPU Usage


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So before I start this thread let's just say I have read my eyeballs out in regards to this problem. I have scoured the internet to see what the possible problem might be.
But so far I haven't been able to figure out what the problem is on my own. I think I'm close or have found the source of the problem, which seems to be that recording with OBS and playing a taxing game (currently playing The Quarry) is a no-go.
I have included a few seperate logs, one is from last night and two are from today The only thing that has changed (Which is pretty big I feel) is that last night I still used the AMD Advanced encoder, whereas today I have changed some stuff and gone with the x264 encoder. (Now also my AMD encoder has disappeared from the options)

So what is my problem: My CPU gets too overloaded for some reason, even though I feel as though my CPU isn't the worst in the world. I could be explaining what I have done so far and changed. But I hope someone can see something that's wrong maybe already from the log I posted. I think one of them even has a crash occur that have been frequent due to what I think is the CPU saying nope. Also I would prefer if I could record with a high quality and also not crash, for example when I was still using the AMD encoder the quality of the recording was very good, but my CPU% sat around 85-100% but with the x264 the quality is significantly worse I feel, but my CPU% sat at 60-80%. Now I know the easy answer is you can't have both but I feel like there should be some way or I might be missing something.
Sorry if this a very confusing ramble, but I'm going to be honest it's also hard to explain.

I hope there is someone who can help me, I really want to be able to record + game :)


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