[HD60S +] Black screen on OBS but work well with the 4K utility software


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Hi everyone,

First message in here, I hope that I post it in the right place.

Here's my problem :

I recently bought an HD60S + to record my PS4 for streaming. I checked everything (3.0 USB ports, HDMI ports, etc.) and everything is plugged in the right place. When I open the 4K Utility software, there is no problem, my console is displayed but when I add a "Video Capture Device" on my OBS scene, it's just a black screen.

I checked for updates on my USB ports, OBS, 4K Utility, HD60S +, etc. but nothing is new. Did it ever happen to one of you and if it is the case, how did you fix it?

Wishing you a great day,