black sceen

  1. G

    Fullscreen Optimization Bug

    When i disabled fullscreen optimizations (Game<< Right Click << Compatibility << “Disable Fullscreen Optimizations”) obs not recording the game.When i capture the game and watch it , all i can see is black screen and background audio and this happened on cs2, csgo and valorant. Is there...
  2. J

    Recorded files lose their video if I record longer than 7 minutes.

    Hello there. Not sure why this is happening. I used to record long form videos all the time, now whenever I got to play the video back, it's only an audio file. I can stream just fine, it's only when I go to record. It happened out of no where so I went and deleted obs, then installed obs 28 and...
  3. I

    [HD60S +] Black screen on OBS but work well with the 4K utility software

    Hi everyone, First message in here, I hope that I post it in the right place. Here's my problem : I recently bought an HD60S + to record my PS4 for streaming. I checked everything (3.0 USB ports, HDMI ports, etc.) and everything is plugged in the right place. When I open the 4K Utility...
  4. Carol-Q

    Today I've make several vedio in a day,most of them are normal,but there're two vedio that only have voice and the screen is black .Why???????????

    All vedio's recording process are the same; Normal recording,but after saving, there is only sound and no picture; Most of the videos recorded that day in the same conditions had pictures, but these two had only sound, not pictures; why????
  5. S

    Sudden Black Screen during Streaming

    Relevant Log File About 3 hours into streaming, I got a sudden black screen on stream. It didn't show up in OBS preview, only when I watched the channel live. Audio was completely fine however. In addition, I'm not sure if it's relevant, but CPU usage doubled after the glitch happened. I'm...
  6. N

    Black screen when using URL of my project for browser sharing

    Hello, I've created a website which uses the local IP address of a device as URL domain and when I try to use that as a URL and share my browser I get black screen. It works fine for any other URL address and works fine on Macbook with my IP address, just not on windows. Does anyone have some...
  7. J

    Haven't used HD60S in a long time, suddenly no capture.

    I Plugged in HD60 S again after maybe about a year to record some gameplay but out of nowhere it just doesn't seem to be capturing anything. This hasn't happened before and I've tried multiple solutions I found on Youtube such as: Updating my driver, updating OBS, Toggling the power management...