HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Support

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    When can we see the HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition Support? As a user of this product I've been waiting months for you guys to release a Build that supports it. I currently have to use XShit (Xsplit) which my cpu can only handle 480p... As a user of a $200 product its saddening. I really hope this is in Development as we speak cause i love OBS, even though i havent gotten to try it! I'd be willing to donate if we can see the development go quicker! Or a Beta Build released!

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    Well you should tell the company you paid 200$ to make usable drivers like many other companies have done before them. OBS works great with ANY device that has DirectShow drivers. Avermedia has these, even BlackMagic gets better.
  3. Dinodamunchy New Member

    The HD PVR 2 Gaming Edition uses entirely different encoding then both the Elgato and the Avermedia. At the time I used my PVR for Recording and not Livestreaming.
  4. paibox heros in an halfshel

    Which is precisely why the manufacturers of the device should be implementing the decoding filter in their own drivers, which would be a lot easier for them (since they already know how it works) than it would be for a developer to figure out what encoding is used by the device, and in case it is something that isn't a standard supported filter for DirectShow, reverse engineer the entire thing. (Which may or may not be frowned upon either way.)
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    $200 that did not go to the OBS project. Consequently, specifying how much you paid for it is irrelevant. Just because you paid $200 for something that obviously is a-typical and incompatible does not mean there is any obligation to specifically add support for that piece of hardware on the double.

    Which does not mean I don't support the idea of supporting more devices but 1 specific piece of hardware is not of the utmost priority. ;)
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    Moved to Feedback and Suggestions. The Development forum is more for discussing actual development, not asking for someone to develop something.