Having OBS open on another screen will make me drop frames


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I have three monitors. 2x 60hz 1x 160hz. I obviously play on the 160hz while i have OBS, Discord, etc on the other ones.

So whenever I have OBS open on another screen, whether I am recording/streaming or not I drop frames. It's been an issue for the past week or so. But the moment I minimize OBS or put Discord over it for example, my frames are back to normal.

I also have preview DISABLED all the time.

I have no idea what caused it specifically because it's not like it happened after an update and i've also checked if i might have missed an update but all my drivers are up to date.

This never used to be an issue.

Here's a log when I recorded while leaving obs open on another monitor https://obsproject.com/logs/bdm0yfGt4CeobDAa (idk if it's useful in this case but i'm putting it here just in case)

Please help, as this makes streaming terrible since I can't read chat off of OBS.

Ty :)