Question / Help Having an issue with capturing desktop HDMI signal with MAC pro 2015


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I wanna do a split screen with a notebook with windows system and the other one is Mac pro 2015,I have two capture cards, the one of them is AverMedia GC550 and the other one isAverMedia GC510. I connected gc510 with Mac Pro 2015 and GC550 for the msi notebook. I can make sure that there is no problem with the connecting issue. I know how exactly to do the split screen within windows capture on OBS. Now here is the problem, the HDMI Signal from MAC pro 2015 can't be seen in OBS. I did some research and i believe it is due to the HDCP. I bought a HDMI Converter but it didn't solve the problem.I'm so confused right now guys, I know how exactly to do the Split Screen but i'm stucking at the problem with the HDMI signal on MAC. Please help me guys!!!