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@Kamelot what would the function of the 3rd color be?
Be able to have same color at top and bottom and a darker one in center (for example), so the source looks like more "rounded". If it's possible, to have it in option because it's not all the time that we'll need 3 colors.

Like on the exemple, I'd like to have light grey at top and bottom and darker grey in the center


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I tried gradient source on a new install of OBS 28.2 on Macbook Pro M1X (apple silicon) MacOs Monterey 12.5.1.
The installer puts the gradient source folder in /Library/Application Support/obs-studio/plugins
Upon Launching OBS the gradient source option doesn't show like it did for OBS 27.

Most of the OBS 28 plugins are now installing into /Users/ludwig/Library/Application Support/obs-studio
I tried copying the gradient source installation folder with the /bin and /data into the that folder but no joy. Also doesn't work when placing them inside the folder.
Please help.


And option to choose rounded corners an how much rounded, the it can be christmas this year too ;-)


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