Question / Help Glitchy/audio loss after 20+ mins streaming - MacBook Pro (Mid 2015), NDI Link, Elgato H60S

Drew Chavez

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Hello, if anyone could help me with this issue, I would be most appreciative.

My setup is as follows:
MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) MJLQ2LL/A
Elgato H60S
Gigabyte Aurous Gamebox (AMD Radeon RX580 8GB)
Nintendo Switch.

For whatever reason, I can't seem to get the audio to behave correctly after a certain amount of time after going live. It begins to get all choppy at aroun the 10 - 15 minute mark and then after 20 or 30 minutes, it dies out almost completely. If anybody knows what this is or how to fix/affect it, any help would be greatly appreciated.

Latest Log File:

Attached: Screen shots of NDI/Elgato setup within OBS.


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Hey @Drew Chavez -
Have you tried launching OBS from the 'Terminal' app on your mac, as opposed to just clicking on the app icon? If not, give it a try by following these steps and let me know if you run into similar issues while trying to accomplish the same tasks.

1) Open Terminal application on your Mac
2) Copy and paste the below into your terminal:
/Applications/; exit
3) Hit Enter
4) Leave Terminal running while using OBS

I've found launching OBS from terminal can be helpful in alleviating various audio sync issues on Macs. Let me know if this works and feel free to post the log file or explain in more detail what happened if it doesn't.

Hope that's helpful!

Drew Chavez

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@zer0c001 Thanks for the response!

I have done this before in the past but I always seem to lose my scene collections and profiles. They return when I launch the application normally so I'm assuming that because it's launching through terminal, it uses a root folder for those things instead. Which begs another question; is there anyway to change that path destination so if I launch through Terminal, I still have some access to wherever OBS is saving the data? Root folders make me nervous and I'd rather not have OBS saving stuff in there in case I need to get to it for whatever reason.

Also, this does seem to work really well as far as recording goes so going forward, I'll probably use this method most. I was hoping to not have to keep terminal up but if it's my best option - I will take it gladly over the frustration I feel over audio loss!

I do have one last concern though and it's that it seems OBS loses some stability when launched through Terminal. Without streaming/recording, if I am working in the settings/properties and I do something OBS doesn't seem to like, the program quits out. It doesn't really do this unless I change something specific like a webcam destination or add/delete sources. I more than likely won't be making those changes while streaming but it makes me slightly nervous about OBS being temperamental while live. Is there anything you would suggest that would help this issue??

Thanks a lot!