Gameplay is choppy with obs open and NOT recording or streaming


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I have a problem with the obs software hindering my performance during gaming while its open not even recording. My in-game frames do not take a hit but the gameplay is super choppy and terrible to play in. I am capturing game footage from my laptop from an Elgato and am mirroring the screen to the Elgato with obs open on my gaming pc but not recording. This allows the system to bypass the 60 fps cap with the Elgato capture card. But the problem is the obs software. When it is open my gameplay feels choppy and its tearing and when i close the obs app mid-game it goes right back to smooth gaming. This is happening when I am playing COD MW. I have seen the same issue for other people but I have not found an answer and am looking for a suggestion or the answer on how to solve this.
My specs are:
radeon 5700xt
intell i7 6700k
16gb ram
500gb ssd