Bug Report Game Captures crashes my games.


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Hey ! To explain my problem : I noticed that games capture crashes my games. Sometimes it works well, but when I come to my desktop the games instantly crashes.
For be shure, I completly reinstall windows (official licence) and I tried just to launch OBS studio (lastest version at this day) and I've got the same problem in osu and minecraft (that's the games I've curently tried). I have one fix but it's annoying for FPS, and games like osu! because we loss in lantency. : Use the Fullscreen Borderless and screen capture.
If anyone can help me (I've seen some COD MV players having the same problem): there's others informations down here.
Windows 10 1903 lastest version.
Ryzen 7 1700x
Asus VEGA 56
16go ram
Asus rog X370-f.

I think a new update can resolve it.