Game capture blacks out and freezes when switching in and out of full screen.


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This isn't like the other black screen issue. The game records fine until i try switching in and out of full screen. I'm trying to record minecraft and have both it and obs set to my high end graphics card, but the same problem persists if their both on the default one as well. I am in OBS 25.0.8, but only updated to this version after the older version of OBS had the same problem. Updating did not solve anything. I am using capture specific window and force scaling. The black screen happens for a couple seconds every time I switch between full screen and not, although once that is over both will still record normally. However, occasionally after the black screen the screen will freeze entirely, and I have to switch in and out of full screen several times to fix it. I don't remember when this started. The weird part is that I tried recording minecraft dungeons using the exact same settings, and it switches in and out of full screen without blacking out or freezing. The freezing is especially annoying for recordings, and Im hoping to solve this sooner rather than later.