Full Video Guide for OBS Studio And Twitch

OBS Studio Full Video Guide for OBS Studio And Twitch


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Full Video Guide for OBS Studio And Twitch - A detailed set up guide OBS Studio

I created a detailed guide for OBS Studio. This resource is designed with beginners in mind, but I think might help out even some experienced users as well. The goal is to take viewers from start to finish of setting up a complete and professional stream channel, using Studio.

The full video playlist can be found here.

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Hi Derek,

Thanks so much for taking time to create and share your OBS videos.

I tried watching them with the latest version of VLC Media Player and even when I changed the view to Zoom to 200% (highest) level I could not see clearly the tiny figures in the video.

I then clicked on an mp4 video in VLC Media Player and started viewing it. I then clicked the OBS Start Recording button and watched the time as it was recording.

However, when I clicked on that OBS recording of that video there was no video and audio was very low even when I slid the slider in the Speaker Icon (in system tray) up all the way I could barely hear it.

When I play mp3s or mp4s in VLC Media Player I don’t have to push that slider up past 50% to hear them clearly.

I have In OBS Settings > Output > Output Mode > Advanced > Recording Path set to C:\Videos on my hard drive.

Also, are there function keys in OBS to start, pause and stop recording? Ex. Alt/S, Alt/P, etc.

Do I have to draw any square around the area on the screen I’m trying to record? Some video recorder require that you draw a square around the recording are you wish to record.

Thanks so much for your help.