Full, Stand-Alone OBS Switcher/Console


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I would love to see an OBS Switcher/Console be made. Think about it: OBS is already a huge software. If they made a console with video inputs without the need of a capture card, people would love it and buy it. Even just a USB OBS control interface would be great.

If OBS made a console, they would have a clear advantage over industry leaders. BlackMagic Design makes great low-cost switchers, but they lack built-in graphic creation and editing. Newtek's Tricaster series has great graphic creation (not as good as OBS though), but their consoles are expensive and more directed towards industry professionals. Also, OBS has NDI plugins, so there's that.

I'm just saying that I would love to see OBS make hardware that can do the same things as the OBS software, but on a dedicated machine with switching buttons and HDMI/SDI inputs. I think it could be very successful, and people would find it of value, even if it were to cost a couple hundred dollars.

Let me know what you think, OBS Community.

Ronald Cz

Yes, I am struggling with inputs and outputs now and would love to see some hardware. I have an SDI capture card but no audio outputs from OBS.


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The tricaster ssurface also become obsolete and it costs money to change or add buttons in the best of cases, the good thing about OBS is that it does not need these hardware that make the product more expensive, it can be a help but never permanent, I tell you because I have the two systems and the tricaster does not really have a good graphics generator, it is closed and it is not an industry standard, it is semi professional, I migrated to OBS and I don't know what to do with my 455 tricaster to integrate it into my workflow, that's why I'm in this forum seeing ideas