Question / Help Fresh OBS Install Unresponsive at License Agreement Screen


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So I just did a fresh install of Windows and installed OBS Studio. It was working fine last night and I imported my scenes and everything.
This morning I installed webcam drivers for my C920 and C922x and all of a sudden OBS would immediately become unresponsive when opened and would not let me do anything.
I've tried:
Launching it with admin
Launching it with no webcams connected
Reinstalling it while saving user settings and launching it
Completely removing all scene files and obs data and doing a fresh install, which is where I am now. OBS becomes unresponsive at the "License Agreement" screen...
I have a .DMP file ready if anyone wants it.

Help is really appreciated :) Thanks in advance.
P.S. No log-file attached since I couldn't even get to the point where it generated one.