Hi guys, this is my first post on the forums but I've just downloaded obs and had a few issues to start with (obs not opening because it was already running or something, since been fixed) but now I've run into the issue of all my recordings having really low frame rates. All that i have read says that this is a GPU overload issue and i need to cap my in game fps, but i thought that i had a pretty beefy computer and thought that this wouldn't be an issue.

I am mainly recording fortnite videos with the settings as follows:
frame rate capped at 60fps ( still with rendering lag)
view distance: epic
shadows: off
anti-aliasing: off
textures: epic
effects: epic
post processing: low
and g-sync enabled

Computer specs:
gpu: GTX 1080
Cpu: Intel Core i5 8600K
Ram: 2 x 8GB
ssd: intel 750 series 800GB nvme pci-e sdd
Motherboard: Z370 Aorus gaming 5
monitor: acer predator x34

Im not entirely sure how to give you a specific part of my log file but here the one from all of today while i was attempting to record.

I'd really like to not have to cap my fps to 30 because i am not a fan of how it looks in recordings and i spent a fair amount of money on this computer so i would like it to work as best it can.
Thanks for any help in advance.


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