Question / Help Frames missed due to render lag????


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i have a i9-9900k and a rtx 2060 mini 6GB. obs is installed on a nvme m.2 ssd. and all 3 monitors are at 60hz. my gpu is at 40-60 max 90% and cpu is at 40-50 max 80%. yet even when i'm not streaming it counts upward around 1-2 max 3 fps missed every time it refreshes and avg render frame is 1.4-5.7 . i'm streaming at 720p 30fps. 3500 cbr medium preset. with (threads=10 rc-lookahead=60 trellis=1 direct-pred=spatial) in the options. was at high profile and now switched to main. lanczos downscale filter. game mode is off. so my question is how do i get rid of render lag? i got it to lower the number but once i move the mouse it starts to increase again. any help would be appreciated. any questions that i can answer i will. there is no thermal throttling and/or power throttling. bottleneck maybe but idk how to fix it.



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after a small update to OBS many people have been having these issues :( I'm thinking about going to an older version