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ive looked up every video on YT searched many links on google and even took my computer to someone i know that works for Microsoft tech here in Dallas and no one seems to know whats wrong with my computer. I mainly stream WZ on stream labs obs and for as long as i can remember im at about 20% - 28% frame drops. i went and built my computer thinking my old system couldn't support streaming and gaming. Here is my main specs
graphics card: NVIDIA RTX 2080 SUPER
motherboard: MSI MEG Z490
processor: INTEL CORE i7 10700K
m.2 SSD: M.2 Solid State 1TB
power supply: 1000W GOLD.

im giving up on this after many years and thousand's of dollars in and im not sure what else to do. Ive used many other people's obs settings, messed with the bitrate and everything i could think of and nothing seems to work.
Thanks in advance!