Forever stuck on "Stopping Recording..." when recording at 240 FPS


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Whenever I try to stop the recording when recording Minecraft at 240 fps it gets stuck on 240 FPS SOMETIMES.

Not sure why this is randomly happening.

I am fairly certain that my specs are good enough to record at this framerate.

I run OBS as admin and record directly to my SSD C drive.

GPU: 6600 XT
CPU: i5-12600k


Unsuccessful recording:

Successful recording:


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Welp, it's a bug with multiple audio tracks that happens when recording at high fps with more than 1 audio track...
Hopefully it is fixed soon.


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Also, recording above 60fps is not officially supported, and is entirely at-your-own-risk.
It's also pointless unless you're doing slow-motion; motion blur can be synthesized to equal quality. Really want to slap the crap out of the dumbass YouTubers who keep recommending pointlessly high framerate recording to new users.