obs stuck recording

  1. luck_foxe

    Recording stuck/laggy when recording Roblox or any other game

    Hi! I am having trouble recording my videos.. Whenever I try to record a video. The video starts to freeze, but the game doesn't. How can I resolve this? Here I already left my logs to speed up the process: https://obsproject.com/logs/qEVpQXhl_DokVidR
  2. S

    Forever stuck on "Stopping Recording..." when recording at 240 FPS

    Hi Whenever I try to stop the recording when recording Minecraft at 240 fps it gets stuck on 240 FPS SOMETIMES. Not sure why this is randomly happening. I am fairly certain that my specs are good enough to record at this framerate. I run OBS as admin and record directly to my SSD C drive...
  3. L

    Recording stuck at one frame but audio still plays

    Hello so I record my warzone gameplay with obs studio 12.1.1 and I installed streamlabs add-on. My recordings get stuck at one frame but the sound keeps playing. https://obsproject.com/logs/Vpv3aR-nHQ80E52q Here's the log file. I can't really analyze it, if somebody can help I would appreciate...
  4. S

    Question / Help 'Stopping Recording'

    This problem has been happening every time now. I have tried different ways to solve it, but none of it worked. Tried running obs in administrator mode and also uninstalling then installing it again. I have also tried low bitrate and changing the encoder. I press the stop recording button, it...