Facecam as seperate video track?


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Audio tracks can be split into more than one track lets say you have your voice and skype you can make them as seperate tracks so when you edit them you have more control. I would like to be able to do this with video sources. Is there a script or something I can use to achieve this? There are a lot of applications that this would be an awesome thing to have. For example editing how the video source looks is impossible as It would change how face looks too. Yes I could use a seperate app and sync them up but this way would be SO SO MUCH BETTER having 1 single file with multiple tracks a real space saver!

So can it be done?


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I would love for this to be an available feature!
Those of us that edit footage after recording it this would be a great feature so we can turn our cam on or off depending on if we want it on for a certain part.


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Definitly! This is something I'm looking for since I started working with OBS. I know that the Elgato software allows you to record the adio (Microphone) in a separate file, the webcam in a separate file and the elgato source in a separate file but the software is asking waaaaaaaaaayyyy too much of the CPU...

It would be cool to have this feature in OBS!


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Won't happen in OBS Classic, mayb someday in OBS Studio, but it's not going to be a high priority.