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Hi all,

I know this is really Facebook query - but I am sure someone has also had this issue here.

Every time I go in to create a Live Video Event in Facebook/Live/Producer the default Setip options for the stream are NOT to use a persistent stream key.

Does anyone know how to change this default behaviour so that every new LIVE event scheduled - will by default - use the persistent stream key?

See attached screenshot.

Many thanks



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First and foremost... FB is giving you best practice. Using a Persistent Key is typically a bad idea. period. and more often than not, it is out of laziness that folks use Persistent Keys.
But for those circumstances where PEBKAC isn't the driver, then FB has recently added a toggle on Creating New Event to use a prior event's settings when creating the new one. I'd recommend starting there (if one must... I don't /wouldn't but acknowledge my use case may be different. I use /Live/Producer for every stream for monitoring, so getting a new key each time only takes a few extra prep seconds, and Scheduled Streams have to be started 10+ minutes in advance, so non-issue)