facebook live key

  1. P

    Facebook LIVE OBS "Could not access the specified channel or stream key"

    Hi, I recently had and audio issue and could not fix it so I deleted every setting in OBS and reinstalled. Now I can not go LIVE on Facebook anymore. Here are my log files: https://obsproject.com/logs/jGPqDm9175IFWCNO I tried turning off firewall, installing new drivers, so many things. I...
  2. markw

    Facebook Live Video Event - Default Setup Options

    Hi all, I know this is really Facebook query - but I am sure someone has also had this issue here. Every time I go in to create a Live Video Event in Facebook/Live/Producer the default Setip options for the stream are NOT to use a persistent stream key. Does anyone know how to change this...
  3. G

    Facebook Live stream problem

    Hi all, I am new to OBS and just tried to do a live event but the event didn't show live despite having the correct live key and everything. Within OBS Studio the stream started and showed as live, but the event never appeared in the Facebook Live profile at all. Does anyone know why this happened?