Facebook Live is Lagging and Freezing


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I am very new to OBS, but not to livestreaming over Facebook. I have done it with my phone for years, but decided to upgrade with a Sony HandyCam and CamLink 4K. I've read hundreds of posts and changed all kinds of settings, but I still get the same outcome. On the OBS program everything runs smooth, but as soon as I start my live video on Facebook, the Facebook stream freezes up and if it does catch up, it just goes back to freezing. I can record on QuickTime fine with no lag at all, but it doesn't want to work with Facebook Live. Can someone help with this? These are videos of me playing the piano, so I need it to look and sound good. I'm using a 2017 MacBook Air.


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are you trying to stream live over WiFi? - start troubleshooting by NOT doing that (USB adapter or dock, if laptop doesn't have Ethernet port)

Have you tried just recording locally with OBS (vs livestreaming)? this will test you settings and hardware to make sure system is capable of real-time video encoding, and the settings on IBS you then add on top of basic recording that can drive CPU usage up a lot
then once you have a successful recording, follow the pinned post for these support forums [the Windows forum post has better detail, so including here instread of the Mac forum post]