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Extract multiple audio tracks from a video 1.0.0


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Extract multiple audio tracks from a video - Extracts audio tracks for use in video editors.

Some video editors do not allow you to import videos with multiple audio tracks (usually only the first audio track will be imported). As such, you have to separate audio tracks into their own files and import them manually. This script will extract all the audio tracks (up to 6) into their own audio files. The default output file extension is .mp4 (because some video editors, including Sony Vegas apparently, don't accept .aac, .mp4a, or .m4a). Note that the output files will only have...

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I've been trying multiple things in order to duplicate this on linux. Multiple fails. Any way you could write a .sh script for linux? I hate having to log into windows just to extract my audio from my videos. If not, no problem. just figured I'd ask. Thanks.