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Encoder Region of Interest Editor 1.1.0


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Encoder Region of Interest Editor - Prioritise quality of important parts of your screen.

Region of Interest Editor for OBS Studio 30.1+

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- Per-Scene configuration
- Scene Item Region
+ Follows a scene item
- Manual Region
+ Manual size and position
- "Center Focus" region
+ Adds radial ROI to of screen to improve clarity for first person games

All of the supported types are configurable, have a play around!

Encoder support

- Intel QuickSync (limited to 256 regions)
- AMD AMF (limited...

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It's been a while since a new OBS plugin made me wonder. Sent it to few of my customers to try out. If it really helps, some folks may be super grateful
Interesting how this one will be implemented on my setup. I run scene compositing and encoding on two different computers, along with my VTuber and gaming sources on computers of their own (four total computers). Downloaded the installer, but will have to play with it later.

--Katt. =^.^=


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Would setting the encoder ROI for h264 negatively impact the AV1 stream running through Multi-RTMP?


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Would setting the encoder ROI for h264 negatively impact the AV1 stream running through Multi-RTMP?
No, unless the hidden option to apply to all encoders is enabled only the native OBS outputs are affected.
I can't use it, every time it exceeds the flow limit and the stream crashes. I'm using nvidia h264 on an RTX 3080
NVENC seems to break if you overdo it, keep regions small and priority bumps low (<30%), otherwise it may become unrecoverable.


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I tried with Nvenc and it overrides the bitrate, and I tried with the integrated AMD encoder and it has no effect on the result


The plugin is simply amazing! For platforms with limited bitrates, it is a must. I tested it on several live broadcasts and for me the best value is 15-20% at 8000 kbps. The camera looks especially good in medium-dynamic content. My respect!
Could it be possible for grouped sources to select a source out of this directly?
Because now, if you group sources you can just select the group and not a specific source out of that group.

BUT beside that, it's an absolute banger of a plugin
Well, since there is no edit button i have another feature idea (i honestly don't know if it works)

I thought like a grouped or staged like region.

Basically define a scene and in this scene you can say "center focus region"
Example for lets say Gamecapture:
- Scene item region = Gamecapture
↳ center region -> Final region of interest

I know you can make it "sort of" with smoothing Inside but you can't define a size of the center region


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This plugin is essentially wizardry! I have a question though. Is this plugin compatible with the aitum vertical plugin? I can't get the preview window to show vertically, it just shows the top portion of the vertical window (similar to viewing a vertical scene within a "regular" scene source)

I just want to make sure that the Region of interest will follow the scene item down below where it gets cut off by the map preview. And if it doesnt work with this currently... i guess this is a feature request post too lol

example 1.png
Vertical scene is to the right, the ROI preview window is thee one on the left. The scene item from the vertical scene is set to the facecam. Selecting the facecam as the scene item highlights the facecam correctly, but if my facecam goes to the lower half...

example 2.png

... the green highlight that indicates the region of interest cuts off. Is it cut off only because of the limitations of the preview window? Or is it cut off in a way that streaming vertically would, in this scenario, only select the top half of my facecam as the region of interest?........ or will it even work at all if stream through the vertical plugin "start stream" button instead of the regular "start stream" button (vert plugin is set to "use stream encoder")

I hope this question makes sense! just trying to optimize some tiktok streams! Thanks for any help!