Encoder overload@720p [RTX3090 - Ryzen 9 5900X]


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Hi all,

Like many user, i encounter the encoder overload issue, I think my hardware is totally capable to handle my settings
You can see the twitch replay (timecode 40:36) https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1455924732

i've attached the log of this stream

Thank you very much !


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Your computer can stream at 1080p 60fps 6000kbps (or 8Mbps) without issues (if your internet upload allows you). Using restream shouldn't give you issues either but try streaming directly to Twitch and see if this fix the issue.
Another source of problem could be in one or more of the plugins you added to OBS. Remove one by one, or remove all and add one by one untill you find the one causing this issue.
Run OBS as admin.

Also, remember that Windows 11 is a work in progress.



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Thanks for the tips, i'll try it (first twitch only, then disable plugins, but it takes 20/30 min on live to have the encoder issue)


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You are no the only person having this issue im on a 9700k and a 2080 streaming to YT at 8000 bitrate 32 samples. streaming apex legends, my computer should not have issues with this as ive streamed 900p 60fps in older versions of OBS with no issue, even using the (new) encoder. but recently ive been messing with my settings for like 3 hours a day. and i seriously cant seem to figure out why we are getting encoder overload. I read up online on posts from awhile back that it was the version of OBS we were running however those are probably past date to be considered a valid fix at this point. (Follow Thread)