Elgato Camlink 4K Works With 1080p Settings, but Not In 4K

Hi. I've just got a 2nd computer and am trying to get OBS to work with my Sony A7iii and Camlink 4K. I've got everything working smoothly on my old PC (lower specs than new one) and can't re-create my OBS settings on the new machine.

I have a scene for Live Streams (1080p) and a scene set up for Talking Head Recordings (4K). I have custom profiles on my A7iii for each of these two scenes.

Since each scene has a different resolution, I add the Sony A7iii as TWO separate video capture devices with different settings. There's a Live Stream A7iii source and a Talking Head A7iii source.

When I'm in the Live Stream Scene and the A7iii is set to the correct mode, everything works well. When I switch to the Talking Head Scene and the corresponding camera mode on the A7iii, I get zero video feed into OBS. When I try to configure the A7iii source, I can activate/deactivate, but no combination of activating/deactivating sources brings the video feed of A7iii into the Talking Head scene.

With the same settings (as far as I can tell), on my older computer, this configuration I described above works just fine! So, there's probably some configuration on the new machine that's causing the issue.

Log File: https://obsproject.com/logs/jbU4ybhmrZsChoKa

Any ideas?