eGPU causes blank screen


New Member
Hi all! I updated to Big Sur as soon as it came out (before I saw the warning) but I DO NOT HAVE ANY BROWSER SOURCES. My eGPU, which previously worked fine, now causes my OBS to present a blank preview window. I click it off, works fine. Click it on, blank. If I record or stream with eGPU on, OBS does its job but without engaging the eGPU and no preview.
I've already engaged the eGPU makers with their own log file and they've confirmed no error or compatibility issue from the eGPU itself. Additionally, if I have the eGPU on and turn Studio Mode on or off, OBS crashes 100% of the time. I don't use Studio Mode so this isn't a big problem but it may shed additional light.

Any ideas on what I can do here? I've tried using 26.1 but reverted to 26.0.2 after no fix. Thank you!!