1. N

    Window capture white blank (firefox) on Win10 NVIDIA FIX

    Hi, Problem: Window capture is white blank (Firefox) Graphics card: NVIDIA 1050Ti Fix: It seems Firefox has to be set on high performance setting in NVIDIA control panel. NVIDIA control panel > Manage 3D settings > Program settings > 1. Select program (Firefox) > Power management > Prefer...
  2. FryMinis

    eGPU causes blank screen

    Hi all! I updated to Big Sur as soon as it came out (before I saw the warning) but I DO NOT HAVE ANY BROWSER SOURCES. My eGPU, which previously worked fine, now causes my OBS to present a blank preview window. I click it off, works fine. Click it on, blank. If I record or stream with eGPU on...
  3. S

    Question / Help Game Capture doesn't capture game

    The following logs should tell you about OBS and my driver/OS versions OBS Log: DxDiag: I have tried running OBS as administrator. I have tried running my games as administrator I have rebooted my computer. OBS worked...