Dynamic Source Positioning OBS studio


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Hey folks,

i'm using OBS studio together with streamer.bot for a long time now and created a large variety of OBS sources with little stickers/gifs/vids, which are triggered by chat commands (e.g. !banana).

As of now, each source is located on a fixed position within one OBS scene. So therefore it's shown on the same spot every time the command is typed.

Is there a chance to have a more dynamic setup in regards to positioning for each OBS media source?

I'm thinking of something like a script/method/plugin which has x and y coordinates to move the OBS source to a different location every time the script is executed (similar to what can be done by manually editing transform>edit transform.. Position value).

Thanks for your help, since i've not been able to finally solve this topic until now.

BR, Bigbeng