Duplicate Sources

I tried searching for this in the forum, but there was no actual name for it so here's my suggestion.

As you know you can capture a window, monitor or webcam/capture card using OBS.

When you attempt to add a new source with the same feed like for example:

I set my Video Capture Device to my Webcam then attempt to add a Video capture Device 2 and select the same device. This of course doesn't work and either leads to a message saying this can't be done or just a blank Source.

I was wondering if this can be made possible.


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I would be interested if you have a solution for this.

I have OBS open twice in an attempt to steam to youtube and facebook at the same time. However it does not look like they like you doing this as I can only get the camera to work in 1 OBS window but the second window will not display the video and will only show a blank screen