Question / Help Dropped Frames Under Good Setup?


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Hey guys, I stream on twitch, but I notice a lot of dropped frames. I have a mid-high end gaming desktop and would like to know why I am experiencing these drops on stream. I have an i7-8700K (6 Cores), 8GB GTX 1080, 16GB 3200MHz Ram, 256GB 970EVO, 1TB 7200rpm SSHD, etc. My upload is 54Mbps and I ran a connection test to Twitch servers as well. I have like a 20 ping to the nearest server. Any idea as to why I am receiving these frame drops? I have followed so many videos, yet none have fixed my issue. I dropped bitrate to 3500 once and it still didnt help.

-OBS Settings-
Encoder: x264
Rate Control: CBR
Bitrate: 6000
Keyframe Interval: 2
CPU Usage Preset: Fast
Profile: high
Tune: None
Canvas Resolution: 1920x1080
Scaled Resolution: 1920x1080
Downscale Filter: Bilinear
FPS: 60
Process Priority: Above Normal
Renderer: Direct3D 11
Color Format: NV12
YUV: 709, Full

(My PC doesnt lag when streaming either. Its only the stream)