Drop FPS in OBS with Flight Simulator 2020 even if not streaming


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Hello everyone,
I'm going crazy with FS2020. I would like to stream it but I have problem with OBS. I have two monitors:

1 MSI Optix MPG341CQR and another old ASUS,
GPU XTX5700 Thick III Ultra,
i9 9900K,
16GB ram.

Basically also with only the app opened (so without streaming) when I click on the main monitor where there is Flight Simulator, OBS starts to lose FPS. The wired thing is that also if I'm not playing but just staying in the menu the FPS are really low. If then I click on the second screen, magically FPS restore. Do you have any idea on how to solve this problem? I tried to lower graph settings but nothing, run as admin but nothing. I live two videos I made with my phone (sorry for the quality) just to better understand the problem. If you need other infos please let me know.

Thank you anyone can help me!



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Edit: now I saw that the same problem is with COD too. Never did it before, and also if I use Streamlabs. I'm going crazy!