DJM 900 Setup


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Hi, I am trying to record in ops using my dim 900 and nxs2 decks using a uca behringer 202. I previously had an rx2 with the same cables and all worked fine. I am now having trouble getting any sound through obs, I never use rekordbox I just plug in and play via the set up I explained. However its not working the same way for the separate nexus setup, is there something I am missing or have cables plugged in the wrong ports (very inexperienced to this) any help would be great as I need a set recorded asap.


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Cinch cable from the „rec out“ of the DJM into „Input“ Behringer.
behringer usb cable into MAC USB Port.
Normally it should work „Plug&Play“ but you can try this: Go to „Sound Settings“ of MAC - Input- and select „USB Audio CODEC“
Now it should work in obs.
Create a new „Audio Input Capture“ source in OBS and choose the Device „default“ - ok.