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OBS Lua DeBlemish Filter Script 3.0


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DeBlemish Filter Script - Filter for smoothing the appearance of skin.

Lua script to add a de-blemishing filter.
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Add the DeBlemish filter to your source. Click the "Select color" button and click "Pick Screen Color" and select a pixel in the skin. Click "OK".
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Check the "Show mask" button and use the sliders to adjust the mask. You can use the crop sliders to block areas outside the main area of interest.
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Once the mask is adjusted, uncheck "Show mask" and...

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John Chen

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I want to say I've been looking for this for over a year, I just installed it and it works exactly how I want it to work, THANK YOU!


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Hey, I made it work. But for some reason, it is failing on shader compilation on this line on my Linux box.

float hue, sat = (rng / val).xx;

with the error code:
error: Error compiling shader: 0(56) : error C7505: OpenGL does not allow swizzles on scalar expressions 0(56) : error C7623: implicit narrowing of type from "vec2" to "float"

so I updated it to

float hue, sat = rng / val;


I installed the portable version of 28.0.3 on my Windows 10 PC and found very little difference in performance between v17.2.4, v18.0.1 and v18.0.3. There must be something else in your setup or filter list for your source. If you also have other filters on your source, try changing the order, or turning off/on others to see what changes.
Hey Mr. Khaver,
I have been a fan of yours since you took the time and patience to help me install your PZR script which ended up being my fault, but I wanted to bring something to your attention with your Deblemish script. I am on a Mac and I've come to realize that the same software made for a PC can be different for a Mac, but I want to ask you if I am missing a portion of the this script?After looking at your tutorial on this page I see many more options that I don't have. Some of which are color replace and even
the Deblemish function. I would think they make a difference, but am not sure. Below are two pics to show you what I see. I am missing one line, "Crop Bottom" in my pic. By the way, I love the crop feature, but can't use it unless I "Show mask" which at this point gives me funky results. Thank You for such a detailed tutorial on your page!


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In the color selection dialog, click the Pick Screen Color button, then left click and hold anywhere in the dialog, drag the cursor to the color on the screen you want to pick, and release the left button.


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thank you for the answer. one more question, on github, I saw a lot of other filters, do you intend to adapt those too? I tried something, but I don't have the necessary training, so nothing came of it.