Dang, can I get a wiki for https://github.com/obsproject/libdshowcapture?


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So I have recently come to realize the sad state of multimedia capture in general and how both terrifying and amazing the OBS ecosystem is. I would like to use this:

Its wild we're all out here relying on 20 year old c++ apis. Maybe the answer is get good scrub, but can I get a wiki? A single example? The tests folder is empty. Anything? This space is so painful.

Cant even open issues or ask questions on that project. Is everyone really just wizards out here? I want to pull a frame off a capture card, in low latency, and convert it to a ID3D11Texture2D without killing myself. OpenCV is slow as shit. Most cards dont work with modern apis msmf, winrt etc. I'm starting to realize that it's not that simple.