1. HireRyanToday

    Dang, can I get a wiki for

    So I have recently come to realize the sad state of multimedia capture in general and how both terrifying and amazing the OBS ecosystem is. I would like to use this: Its wild we're all out here relying on 20 year old c++ apis. Maybe the answer is...
  2. P

    Capturing obs virtual camera via graphedit

    I'm trying to capture built-in obs virtual camera via graphedit tool. You can find it in something like this "C:\Program Files (x86)\Windows Kits\10\bin\10.0.22000.0\x64\graphedit.exe". I have started virtual camera here Then I added virtual camera source to graphedit Afther this I'm...
  3. O

    Simple zooming in/out firmware

    hi folks, I am a NB here and very much appreciate the help. I am looking for a simple background tool to let me digitally zoom in/out, in other words, to increase/decrease the field of vision. OBS studio is MORE than capable of doing this, but it has a huge footprint. Are there any tools (Open...
  4. J

    Alternative to Fenrir's OBS-VirtualCam for multiple outputs for v28?

    My workflow required concurrent virtual camera outputs in order to control what was being output to several programs and a projector manager, and I fulfilled this using OBS-VirtualCam's four DirectShow virtual cameras and associated filters; in some instances I would need all four DS virtual...
  5. zhangyun

    Question / Help Click the mouse, the software pop-up box will not be displayed

    OBS on the left, Software on the right
  6. athenaorerica

    Bug Report AVerMedia LGP Lite Stream Engine causes crackling audio in 64-bit OBS.

    AVerMedia claims no issue on their end, and I'm inclined to believe them since there is no issue whatsoever when using the same source on Xsplit, RECentral, VLC, or any other DirectShow-compatible application I could find. This can all be worked around by using WaveOut or DirectSound...
  7. athenaorerica

    Question / Help Output audio stutters when using Video Capture Device in OBS 64-bit.

    Hi, I recently got an AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable device, and I am having issues using it with OBS. (Works fine in RECentral, Xsplit, all other DirectShow-compatible software). Whenever I have the Video Capture Device source active, using either AVerMedia's Stream Engine or just the capture...
  8. S

    Question / Help Direct Show filter plugins?

    Are there any Direct show filter plugins compatible with obs that can do window capture or game capture, with video capture device option? Looking to make two captures of same game at same time of a non fullscreen game. I thought this would be a good way to do it. Oh and preferablly open source...
  9. DKRecords

    Question / Help OBS HD 60 Pro - Stutter/FrameFreezing Randomly

    So for weeks ive been streaming to YouTube with no issues at all. But lately My Friends & I have all been experiencing the same problem. About every 10 to 12 seconds there is a weird slow down/stutter of the HD60 Pro. It will freeze for a split second then go back to normal. I will attach a...