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Custom Shaders 0.9

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Custom Shaders - A LUA script for OBS that can be used to apply OBS effects (shaders) to any image source

Custom Shaders is a LUA script for Open Broadcaster Software (OBS) that can be used to apply OBS effects to any image source. An OBS effect (or shader) is defined in a file with a nearly identical syntax to Direct3D 11 HLSL effect files.

This script was inspired by the filter-custom included in DarkLink's Script Pack and builds upon the features provided by the...

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Hi, For some reason I seem to be having a re-occurring issue with custom shaders. Not sure if my setup is the problem or something else. I fully install the script and it works fine for that session, but after I close out and go back to it to install a new shader I get the spinning Mac ball which freezes OBS, so I need to force quit OBS every time. Then it would work after a fresh install of the .lua script. However, the shaders that I installed in the past are working fine. I wonder if the spinning ball can't find the correct shader folder or something? In the past I would manually find that folder and it worked, but this timeI was able to choose custom shader then browse and it froze. When I can get them to load in they're awesome. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance. Mac OS Ventura.
update: This time I got as far as choosing hand camera and it froze! 2nd update: I found another copy of custom shaders in another shaders folder. I deleted that and then tried again. It crashed a few times and now seems to be working. Thanks for making this effect!
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