Custom Output (FFmpeg) ignores -q / -q:v parameter


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i use Container Format mpegts and as Video Encoder mpeg1video.

Adding -q or -q:v to the Video Encoder Settings seems to be ignored. The quality level is always "default".

For example using ffmpeg standalone like:

ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="OBS Virtual Camera" -f mpegts -codec:v mpeg1video -r 60 output.ts

without adding the -q parameter, results in the exact same quality as OBS FFmpeg.

Using for example:

ffmpeg -f dshow -i video="OBS Virtual Camera" -f mpegts -codec:v mpeg1video -r 60 -q 1 output.ts

results in to a much better quality.

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PS: The log is unnecessary. It shows nothing other then start / stop recording messages. I tried it on several hardware with intel, nvidea and amd GPU


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The parameter format in the OBS ffmpeg configuration is key=value, i. e. q=20. Not -q=20.


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good to know.

anyway, same results :-(

are you sure that is valid for "Video Encoder Settings" ?

i tried it just now with q=1 (best quality)
does not work


13:50:41.372: Failed to set q=1
13:50:41.390: ==== Recording Start ===============================================

same for qscale
13:50:44.272: Failed to set qscale=1


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You need to use the correct input field (there are 3: one for muxer, one for video encoder, one for audio encoder), and you need to use a parameter valid for the encoder you chose, according to ffmpeg documentation. It the parameter is rejected, it is probably not valid for that encoder.


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as said, commandline ffmpeg works. so the parameter is 100% valid for the encoder.

i tried it with version 4.0 to version 5 (latest) of ffmpeg