Bug Report Crashing Immediately


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HELP ! I was so excited about OBS Mac and using it, but now it is crashing repeatedly ! I installed OBS Mac and was able to build a demo as a first-timer. It only had 4 scenes but nothing too complex. Now upon opening up OBS, it will load the studio, and then promptly crash. I have installed several times and tried re-installing only to be met with the same complication ! Despite de-installing the files, I am surprised that re-installing OBS pulls up the scenes (from where if I deleted?) that I had made before.

It gives me the following error ' Failed to find locale/en-US.ini '

If it helps: I was having the problem of not having window capture work for powerpoint but I was able to have media display of a 10s video, browser capture of a website. But the program wasn't crashing at all.
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