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Countdown Plugin 1.0

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Countdown Plugin - Display a countdown in your stream

Display a countdown in your stream. I thought it would be nice to let ppl know when the stream will end. After the countdown hits zero it starts counting overtime. You can color the overtime in an other color.

The time can be configured with c#'s Custom TimeSpan Format Strings.

You are using the plugin at own risk. I have Win8.1 and my virus scanner is always up to date. Just to be sure I've also...

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I put both files into my plugins folder (Which I'm guessing I have to do, correct me if I'm wrong.).
And it just doesn't appear in the plugins list on OBS.


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TheWillJa said:
I put both files into my plugins folder (Which I'm guessing I have to do, correct me if I'm wrong.).
And it just doesn't appear in the plugins list on OBS.

x2, its so usefull, I hope can be fixed soon.


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1. Download clr host plugin.
2. Put "CLRHostPlugin folder" and "CLRHostPlugin.dll" in OBS folder D:\Programs\OBS\64bit\plugins
3. Download Attachments
4. Put "CountdownPlugin.dll" in D:\Programs\OBS\64bit\plugins\CLRHostPlugin folder
5. Run OBS
6. Make resolution in Countdown Configuration 200x50

If you have error msvcr100.dll, download Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update ... x?id=26999


The PlugIn doesnt work anymore after i reinstalled Windows 7 64bit.
Ive even installed this C++ update.

What else do i need to get it to work again?
i also dont receive an error message. I simply cant add the countdown plugin because it is not in the list.

It was Net. Framework
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can you add a feature to do a countdown of X seconds / minutes; i mean, not a "specific date" ? that should be useful for a "ad waiting" screen, like 3 minutes whenever you join the scene it resets.


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whether it is able to count up to 90 minutes?
Snaz app is great, but after 59 minutes 59 seconds followed by one hour ...


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How can i set the timer for countdown and not like a timer ? Like starting in 24h and going down ?


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i'd love to see "count up" functionality, but not to a date. currently i use the timer to show the time i spent in queue in a game i play.


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Please release the source code.
This plugin needs various features, such as count down, count up. These are specified times by the user, such as 1 hour, regardless of the current date.

Currently the countdown to date is the only way to use the program, which is a hassle because it does not keep the current date. Users have to manually reset the program each use.

This would be really beneficial because users can set their own stream countdowns.
like "Countdown until streaming: 01h:00m:00s"
This would automatically reset or start up when the user starts OBS in their current layout tab, which requires no more configuration by the user.

If you are not willing, I'm sure other developers are.
Please release the code.


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An update should be great :(
So much improvements needed:
- Managing all fonts available in Windows
- A box to disppear the countdown when arrive to 0
- Etc ...



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Are there any plugins for OBS that counts up from zero? So that the viewers can see how long I have been streaming, and not just how long until I'm done?


Please allow automatically setting up 5+ minutes since moment of pressing some button in plugin options. I use it in pauses a lot.


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"sickbattery was last seen: Apr 1, 2014" - no updates or bugfixes anymore? I have a big problem with the plugin :/


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Anyway, I've found a bug that is really annoying. The size and placing of the countdown always changes when I switch the scene - any solution?