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Corner Pin 1.6


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I was thinking that you will be interested in how StreamFX may interact with some algorithms. That's all. You have mac and have programming skill, your work was mentioned.
StreamFX uses libOBS APIs in their hopefully intended and documented behavior (except for Dynamic Mask and Blur Masking, those are being modified to that as well). I don't think I could comment all that much about anything here.


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My distorted video using corner pins is ghosted outside the pinned corners.

How do I correct this? I want to appear as it is on a tv screen from an underlying image. Chroma key does not work since the background changes color according to the pinned video. Thanks!


DefJeff, thanks for pointing out this error. I don't know how I missed it. Source code is now updated.

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@Want To Learn
1) The "no properties available" message is normal here because the script itself is not configurable. The script simply adds new filter to the list of available filters. As long as you running script - there is new filter in the list that you can use. By removing the script - the filter disappears from the list of available filters (thus the effect becomes inaccessible). Nothing to configure in the script itself, thus you see "no properties available" the Tools>Scripts. It is pretty normal for this kind of scripts.

2) About "Crop/Pad" filter. Yeah, here I mean build-in OBS filter. The idea was to check if any filter that modifies size of the source, when it placed before this filter, affects the rendering of the filter's preview. If build-in filter works OK then sure - there is something strange is going on.
What if we are getting no properties available in the filter window? Running windows 10 and OBS 28 and I can select the corner pin filter on any source but nothing will give me the controls I should see. Any thoughts? I have tried placing the LUA it in a few locations and nothing seems to work.


khaver updated Corner Pin with a new update entry:

Major Bug Fix

Senior moment major bug fix. When I'm working on filter script code, I use a separate shader file. The LUA script loads this shader file to use it. Usually, when I'm ready to submit the filter to the OBS forum, I will copy and paste the shader code from the external file into the LUA script and change the reference from the external file to the pasted code. DOH!!! I forgot to do this in version 1.5.

If you downloaded version 1.5, delete it and download and install version 1.6.

Sorry for...

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