Copy Source Between Scenes


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Hi, I think it'd be great if there was a feature that allowed one to copy a particular Source to any desired Scene. Similar to how Photoshop allows copying of a layer to any open (or new) project. This would be really helpful especially for simliar scenes that have slight differences, but several different elements when the user would like to retain most of the elements without having to remake the entire Scene.



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This kind of thing should be available in the rewrite. For now, you can copy things inside the scenes.xconfig file in %appdata%/obs.

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I am sorry for necroing, but is this still planned or already implemented?

Mister Eric

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This would be amazing. It's my favorite feature on XSplit and about the only feature that really makes me like XSplit over OBS. It's so convenient to be able to copy the exact position, size, manipulation, etc of a source to another scene.
Any update on this feature being implemented?