Question / Help Connecting OBS to Logic Pro X for live streaming - Effects issues


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I would like to broadcast live music performance of guitar and vocals onto Facebook using OBS and the audio from Logic Pro X.

I am using an interface to plug the mic and guitar in and when I select that interface on both Logic & OBS it broadcasts everything great, except any effects I put on. In this instance a little reverb on the vocals that I can hear in Logic does not transfer to the broadcast on Facebook

I followed initial YouTube tutorials and downloaded Sunflower and created a new audio device that linked both. When I select this on Logic & OBS the audio is completely missing from the broadcast.

My aim to broadcast with the effects I have added on the vocals in Logic Pro X

I hope I have explained everything ok. Please forward any questions if I haven't. Any help would be much appreciated.



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Have you tried a multi-output device. Take the whole mix into this device then set your return to both your interface (for monitoring) and OBS for streaming.


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I had the same issue, but solved this by inserting all plugins directly on the Logic channel strip instead of creating sends for the fx. Now OBS records the fx as well.


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This has been driving me nuts for a very long time. This video solved my problem concerning the effects in Logic going into OBS. It's all about the setup.

Be sure to get the 2-channel version of Blackhole (not the 16-channel) as your virtual sound interface or it's a nightmare.