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CLR Host Plugin 1.0-3 2013/08/10


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First of all, thank you for providing this plugin. Although I am not a very experienced programer, I managed to relay the status, whether OBS is recording or not, to an external application.

This is almost all I need but I was wondering what other information a plugin based on CLR Host can provide? I already read the documentation and it feels like I am not getting something. I am especially interested in error messages or details about the FPS I am recording at.


I dont understand how to use this...

I drag and dropped this into the plugins directory of my OBS install (tried both the x64 and x86 version). Then restarted OBS. But I don't see anything related to this in the "Add" screen.


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The CLR Host itself doesn't "do" anything in terms of adding to OBS's interface. It just lets people write plugins using .NET, such as the CLR Browser.