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Non-OBS Script clock time control of START and STOP recording using AutoHotKey ver. 1


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clock time control of START and STOP recording using AutoHotKey - AutoHotKey source file type AHK uses two OBS hotkeys to control recording

Remove ".txt" from file name to get the AutoHotKey compatible file (work around to load file to this site.) File is a text file despite the .AHK file name. Read the top of the file for setting the path and program name of OBS.exe in order for the .AHK file to launch OBS properly.

Main consideration is to install AutoHotKey, double-click the file to run the file with AutoHotKey. Enter the time of recording START and STOP then let it launch OBS. This is due to a problem with AutoHotKey...

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Lookit I am a out and out rookie doing my best to get this file up and running with little success. I was able to download and run autohotkey change the text file into a .ahk file and it is on my desktop with this message find attached...I even tried converting it to an exe but no joy...


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I finally looked in the right place to see the original screenshots of your problem. It looks like to me that your path to the executable OBS in your installation has not been edited correctly in the AutoHotKeys .ahk script file. The script is throwing an error in trying to execute OBS. That definitely has to be correct so that AutoHotKeys can establish the link using the PID it will pick up.


This doesn't seem to work for me. It launches OBS but it doesn't start recording. I have my start/stop hotkeys set to pgup/pgdwn. Any help?