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Non-OBS Script clock time control of START and STOP recording using AutoHotKey ver. 1

Remove ".txt" from file name to get the AutoHotKey compatible file (work around to load file to this site.) File is a text file despite the .AHK file name. Read the top of the file for setting the path and program name of OBS.exe in order for the .AHK file to launch OBS properly.

Main consideration is to install AutoHotKey, double-click the file to run the file with AutoHotKey. Enter the time of recording START and STOP then let it launch OBS. This is due to a problem with AutoHotKey getting a PID to use to get OBS focus in order to trigger the hotkeys. But while you're waiting for OBS to start recording, it can be used for whatever you want or you can do other tasks on the computer -- Only at the moment of START and STOP the .AHK file will activate OBS focus, then send the appropriate hotkey. So other than the requirement to let the .AHK file launch OBS, it's pretty well behaved and does not affect OBS otherwise.

The file could also easily be changed or modified to send hotkeys for starting and stopping streaming. Or the lazy route would be to assign the keys currently used (PgUp & PgDn) for recording control and assign them in OBS for controlling the streaming start and stop. Your choice. I don't stream so didn't add in that capability.

This was my first AutoHotKey program so perhaps a bit ragged but I kept looking for a clock control of OBS and finding none. The forum message at
gave me the clue so a few day project to learn and program this submission. I hope you find it useful. Suggestions welcome.
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It works fine and does what I expected. The code of script is understandable and made for quick start. With a little bit changing and trying I got the function I still missing in OBS. Thanks to developper.