Question / Help Clear browser cache for Browser plugin


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Basically subj.
Is there a way to do so? Or make it stop caching at all? It keeps using old cached css, from before ive changed my styles on the server. Restarting the program doesnt help.


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I wanted to clear the obs-studio browserplugin cache as well and this information saved me a lot of time and effort. Thanks for posting!


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As of 25.0.8, this thread is the top result for "clear obs browser cache".

Is there a button for clearing browser Cache folder? (670.5MB)

And what about the Code Cache folder? (149.1MB)

... GPUCache is only 4.6MB

Or is the only way to close OBS, navigate to


and delete whichever Cache folders you dare delete?


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I have a corrupted plugin and uninstalling and reinstalling generates the same problem - I have tried deleting the cache but it seems to make no difference