Change the recording icon or its color, possible?


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Hello everyone, I'm new to here.

This time I'd like know if it's possible to change the red icon/image in the task tray to a specified image path, or change its color from red to something else e.g. black.

I want this because I sometimes want to record my meetings, conversations with Skype or Discord or something, without indicating other people that I'm recording something,
but at the same time I for my self want to know if it's recording or not with a glance so hiding the icon to the tray or disable the obs icon is not a good option.

Is this possible? Thanks!



Do you want to have the system tray in your recordings then? Why not record only the window of your online Skype etc meeting, so rather use a Window Capture source?

(Unrelated side note: apparently you use the f.lux software... be aware that it changes the displayed screen colors in your recording. So consider to temporarily disable it.)


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Yep, I prefer to have. Recording only the window e.g. skype, discord; or using their built in recording feature is not an option, but the PC screen, and using obs, because oftentimes I demonstrate tasks on other windows or the desktop, windows settings and so on, and I have a lot of configurations and setups I need to have on obs. obs is an amazing software you know.

Yep, I have flux, yes I'm taking care of this kind of software when I need to record, thanks for pointing out that :)