Capture Card footage pretty ugly on obs


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Hey everyone,
I'm using a MiraBox as my capture card to stream Ocarina of Time (the footage coming from a Wii, using HDMI cables). According to the little guide that came with the capture card, I should set the device's video format to YUV2, but that format is not available to me. The only Video Format I can choose, is MJPEG.

Normally I would shrug about that, but in MJPEG my footage is washed out and has a sting of purple in it. While on my TV it shows in its normal blue. Even finagling with the hue, saturation, contrast and brightness is not helping.

And sure, the Ocarina of Time versions I am playing are N64 injects, so they might not get the full Wii VC Colour Range, but I watch people streaming the game from N64 consoles where it looks much better.

So I wonder if you all can help me with getting the colour right. An example picture will be attached, and the log file is here:

Whether or not you can help me, I thank you in advance.


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Hey man. Did you ever find a fix for this? My Stream has a greyish, blurry look to it and I am tired of it. I'm also using the Mirabox Capture Card